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You’re already a UK franchisee for functional training brand F45. What drew you to it?
I tried F45 in the US when I was over there on holiday. I found the circuit-based training really engaging and fun – all the kind of stuff I would use to get fit for rugby. The class-based system works incredibly well and caters for everyone’s needs.

Tried and Tested: the best & most fun new fitness classes to try NOW

Love working out? So do we. From animal yoga to boxing and the latest intense high-energy workouts, we can’t get enough of a really uplifting (and knackering!) exercise class. All through the year, Team GLAMOUR will be testing the hottest new fitness trends and classes for you, led by me – GLAMOUR’s number 1 exercise devotee. Read on, put on your trainers and get involved.

Early dinners, F45 and three cups of green tea a day: How one woman, 21, lost 10 kilos in eight WEEKS

A 21-year-old Melbourne woman who underwent a body transformation in just eight weeks, has spoken about how she achieved it.  Alex Bennett, 21, started training at fitness gym F45 in December last year but was looking to take on a new goal. When, in February, her Geelong-based gym offered members the change to get involved in a challenge to lose weight and overhaul their diet, she decided to give it a go.

Is F45 Ready To Steal CrossFit’s Crown?

As the second largest functional training network in the world, F45 is on course to own over 1,150 franchises globally by the end of the year. Over the past six years the revolutionary fitness concept has enjoyed unbridled success, first launching in Sydney, Australia in 2011. With studios now spanning 26 countries, it is the fastest ever franchise rollout in Australia’s history.


F45 is a fitness phenomenon that started in Australia, home of fit people (in every sense of the word). Since launching several years ago it has spread internationally, with the a new UK studio opening in London’s Tottenham Court Road. Imagine circuit training but with trendy studios, tonnes of good equipment and upbeat, knowledgable instructors and you get the idea.


If you live in London or follow any of the big London-based fitness bloggers then you’ve probably heard of F45. And if not – then where have you been?! The set up sounds simple; 45 minutes of intense training in a variety of circuits, HIIT workouts and weight training.


Is Australia’s Latest Fitness Trend the Real Deal?

I swear I’m the victim of some cruel Einsteinian joke. I understand that time is relative, but in the literal blink of an eye, the digital timer on the wall has dropped from nine seconds to two seconds. Right now, these 10-second breaks are more precious to me than the bottle of ’78 Grange my old man gave me for my 21st – and they’re zipping by at sadistic speed.

3 Lower Abs Exercises You Can Do In Front Of Your TV

Having to pick between watching another Netflix episode or getting off the couch and heading to the gym is the ultimate struggle. But what if you didn’t have to choose? What if we told you that you could find out what happens next on Scandal all while scoring killer abs?


Hell of a lot of new fitness classes popping up around London these days, most of them with some strange name that offer absolutely no explanation as to what they actually are. So how do you know if it’s worth actually trying them out? Well, luckily for you, we’re here to help explain. You know, we’re kind of nice like that.

Fitness expert Dan Conn reveals the secret to being a social media influencer

Personal trainer Dan Conn has revealed how he became a world-renowned social media influencer in the fitness industry. In an exclusive interview with the Evening Standard, Dan has shared how he achieved his 312,000 loyal Instagram followers and 72,000-strong Twitter following. Highlighting the power to influence young followers on a large social media presence, Dan cites the importance of being a good role model.

This Week in Health and Fitness: “Train Like Wolverine” at New Fitness Studio F45

If you’ve ever admired Hugh Jackman’s muscular physique as Wolverine in the various movies of the X-Men franchise, then you’ll be happy to hear that F45 Training, one of the training regimens he used to get into shape for that role, has launched in Beijing.

Meet F45: The Cult Australian Workout NYC Girls Are Already Lining Up For

If you’re pushing back-to-back gym classes without seeing major results, try this: Australia’s most hyped workout class that just recently hit U.S. shores. Called F45 (short for function 45), the 45-minute, high-intensity, circuit-style technique has a reputation Down Under for transforming bodies in just a matter of weeks—mine included.


Spring fitness trends you need to try

If the idea of spending hours at the gym fills you with dread, it’s time to find a class which puts the fun back into exercise and leaves you feeling great. The newest fitness kid on the block, F45 does just that, with their encouraging environment, making it easier than ever to achieve amazing results, whilst having fun, and be involved in a community. And with high 5’s all round at the end of each session, your gains might even stretch to new friends too.

Five Personal Trainers Share The One Stretch You Should Do To Improve Flexibility

Let’s face it none of us stretch after a workout as much as we should do. Whether we’re pressed for time or because we simply can’t be bothered, it can be hard to stop and give our body the TLC it deserves. Plus, we’ve got to hurry up an order that post-workout smoothie.


Finding a new workout to help build your strength can be confusing and intimidating for gym novices, particularly if you’ve only ever tried the odd yoga or spinning class.

F45 Athletica

Functional. A major buzzword in fitness right now. Some may question its true definition – after all, isn’t any movement ‘functional’ in one way or another? Even so, there’s no disputing the growing popularity of training methods designed to help us move more efficiently, CrossFit being a prime example.

How cross-training can help you prep for that marathon

Race season is nearly upon us, and with huge events like the London marathon just around the corner there’s no doubt that thousands of people up and down the country are beginning to up their training routines in the hope of nailing a new PB in an upcoming event.

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