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Refresh Your Fitness Game with a Visit to One of London’s Best Boutique Gyms

If you love HIIT sessions and are always looking for a challenge then F45 is right up your street. The Aussie workout is new to the UK and looking to revolutionise the way you get your cardio in. In the 45-minute Templar session you and a buddy can expect to sweat it out at no less than 14 different stations, performing high-powered moves like box jumps, resistance runs and battle rope slams.

Turning up the heat! Bachelor star Elora Murger wows onlookers as she performs an eye-catching fire dance

She’s the former Bachelor star who introduced herself to Matthew ‘J’ Johnson with a dazzling fire twirling show.

And Elora Murger’s unique abilities were on display again on Friday night, as she attended the Maxim Hot 100 party in Sydney.

The 28-year-old put on her trademark fire-twirling performance at the event, while wearing a very racy outfit.


England rugby player James Haskell could open Bath city centre gym

England rugby player James Haskell could be opening a gym in Bath city centre.

A planning application has been submitted to Bath and North East Somerset Council by Savills on behalf of the Wasps player’s business, James Haskell Health & Fitness Ltd.

The application is seeking permission to transform empty office space in Westgate Buildings into a health and fitness centre.

London’s best circuit classes

Spin, HIIT, running or boxing, it doesn’t matter which one gets your butt into gear, circuit training is the ultimate fat burning fitness workout. Circuit classes today have become a phenomenon across many, if not all, gyms worldwide. So, if you are after an effective way to make some serious changes to your body and improve your overall fitness then look no further because we have London’s best circuit classes right here.


Stuck in a fitness rut? Hybrid workouts are mixing things up in the wellness world right now – fusing different disciplines together to please cardio junkies and devoted yogis alike. We did some sweating to find the top ten classes in the capital…


On Friday 15th September, Protein World met up with the team at F45 Tottenham Court Road. For those unfamiliar with who F45 are, they’re one of the biggest fitness concepts to sweep Australia since Subway and Starbucks opened their first locations. Since coming to the UK, they’ve continued to grow in popularity, opening franchises all over the place.

Functional 45 Training has ambitious expansion plans

F45, short for Functional 45 Training, is the fastest growing franchise in Australia, which is set to expand in the UK.

Founded by former equities trader, Rob Deutsch who spotted a gap in the health and fitness market just over three years ago, F45 has fast become a global fitness phenomenon, spanning 26 countries with 100,000 members and an anticipated 1,150 franchises by the end of 2017.

Following its unbridled success in Australia, F45 is now the fourth fastest growing franchise in the world, surpassing even Subway. F45’s ambitious expansion plans across the UK and Ireland, will result in 31 new sites opening over the next 12 months, following the launch of their flagship studio on London’s Tottenham Court Road.

Why the workout used by Nicole Kidman is growing fast in the UK

Time is a malleable thing. Forty-five seconds doesn’t feel like a lot of time when you’re mindlessly scrolling through Instagram or binging on your fifth hour of Netflix. But when you’re swinging an 8kg kettlebell in the air, less than a minute can feel like a lifetime.

Time for a change ?

Every winter I struggle to maintain motivation with my training and I know I’m not only one. The morning is the toughest the cold air makes me want to do nothing! I’ve also been guilty of doing the same old fitness routines day in day out. But this winter, I’ve decided to try something new.

But it’s not just a mattter of offering freebies

The reasons why somebody comes back to a brand are more complex. F45 Training, the fitness franchise, takes a very different approach to retaining customers and, unlike many gym chains, doesn’t even try to encourage people to commit to annual contracts.

How five men and women transformed their figures in just EIGHT WEEKS

With beach season upon us and just eight weeks left until Christmas, many desperate Australians are turning to quick fixes and fad diets in an effort to get into shape.
And while some do see results on their chosen program, many gain the weight back quickly and struggle with lethargy, breakouts and a lack of motivation.
But according to five men and women who have transformed their bodies in just eight weeks, there is one program that left them looking and feeling better than ever – and they’re motivated to continue everything they’ve learned!

Why the workout used by Nicole Kidman is growing fast in the UK

The Australian fitness franchise is massive news Down Under and now has its sights set on British soil. If you haven’t heard of it yet, you soon will, says Liz Connor

Help! I’ve fallen off the fitness wagon… so what should I do?

Earthquakes in the fitness world. Joe Wicks, fitness guru and beacon of all things health, has released a new video in which he says he is “not exercising, blowing out every day, eating loads of junk food and feeling a bit naff”.
Yes, the man who brought us the Lean in 15 plan has fallen off the fitness wagon. Wicks admitted to binging on chocolate, fizzy drinks and hobnobs in a post on Facebook, saying, “I went to Miami with the boys for my birthday, I went to Vegas. I’m now in LA. I basically need to get back in the game mentally. I’ve just been lazy.”


There’s something about getting to the end of a tough class and feeling the vibe in the room where everyone is half amazed that they got through the class and half absolutely loving it. Know what I’m talking about? Then you must have been to F45.
I tried out a class at F45 Farringdon, a small space in a basement close to Farringdon Station that has a large studio, bright reception area and small but well-stocked changing rooms. The welcome that I got at 07:30 in the morning before the Panthers class was friendly and set me up perfectly for the class.
Panthers consists of 14 stations with a mix of cardio and strength exercises including burpees, chest press and deadlifts. One of the things that sets F45 apart from other studios is how accessible it is because all of the exercises are shown on screens around the room as well as the work and rest periods (60 seconds of work and 20 seconds of rest for this particular class).

New F45 gym to open in Chelmsford’s High Chelmer next month – and it’s a hit with celebrities

A new gym located in the heart of Chelmsford is opening its doors to the public next month.
F45 training is coming to High Chelmer Shopping Centre at the end of November.
The gym focuses on ‘functional’ training and 45-minute classes.
The brand, which includes franchises in London and Sydney, has proved extremely popular with celebrities.

Never exercise for longer than an hour, eat a LOT of fish and adopt the 80-20 diet: Global fitness icon reveals the Australian workout she swears by

Six years ago, fitness icon Paige Hathaway had never set foot inside a gym.
But now, the impossibly toned 29-year-old model boasts a following of over four million Instagram followers who are in awe of her ripped, lean physique.
The Oklahoma-born beauty visited Australia to celebrate her appointment as the face of F45 gyms and spoke to Daily Mail Australia about her remarkable rise to stardom and laser-focus commitment to keeping fit.

F45 is the best fitness class in London

There is something to be said for collective misery – a wonderfully binding sense of fraternity possibly more uplifting than collective happiness. Such is the lure of F45, the fitness craze that just keeps on giving. Based in a basement gym on Tottenham Court Road, F45 offers 45-minute high-intensity workouts for £25 a class. Yes, not cheap, but, burning up to 800 calories per class and with some of the most motivational, fitness-mad trainers in the business (honestly, we’re a bit worried about them) completely worth it.


Jazmin hates anything that feels remotely like legitimate exercise. What happens when we send the girl with an intense reluctance to workout to try out the fitness classes of the moment? Here’s where we find out…

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